Located in Sint Katelijne Waver, near the E19

motorway, and as such ideally situated on the central

Brussels-Louvain-Antwerp axis.


Since the company’s founding in 1920, we have been an independent service-oriented supplier primarily active in the metalworking industry, capable of creating all conceivable constructions in steel, aluminium and stainless steel.


Our core business consists of delivering total solutions to our clients, giving the utmost  attention to their specific requirements.

The company has obtained ISO 9001 version 2008 certification,

as well as DIN EN ISO 3834-2 welding standard


The continuous improvement of products and services is central to the policy of the company. Quality, flexibility and the ability to create the most complex parts and assemblies lead directly to our aim of achieving customer satisfaction. Prototypes, piecework, runs, custom work, and projects are all part of our repertoire.



a specialised division delivers a wide range of sheetwork using

-  three laser cutting machines, all of them using a variety of materials,

   inserts and other accessories.

-  the high speed plasma cutting NERTAJET HP with potential

   for large thicknesses

-  four CNC-driven folding benches,

-  a CNC-driven punch



on CNC-driven lathes and milling machines makes it possible for us to make all conceivable parts in a variety of metals.

Recently, we introduced a fully automatic lathe Mori Seiki and three Mazak machining centers, allowing us to cost-effectively and with great accuracy almost fully automatically  produce around the clock.



according to DIN and ISO 3834-2 standards, is done by certified welders, using MIG and TIG welding procedures and a CNC-driven welding robot for large series. Pre-assembly of units completes the cycle to

end-product or semi-manufactured goods.



 “The core competency

of our company is delivering

total solutions, in an efficient, economical and

high-quality fashion”


Metaalwerken De Cock n.v.    Drevendaal 12    B-2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver    Belgium    Tel. +32 15 31 40 03     Fax +32 15 31 18 02     info@metalworksdc.be